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Did you know that most of the products you use in everyday life are made in China? And furniture is no exception! 30% of Chinese furniture manufacturers are in Bazhou City. Bazhou is a home to more than 5000 manufacturers with wide ranges of furniture products and competitive prices.

You won’t find such a huge selection of furniture anywhere else in the world! And there are not only local brands, many international furniture brands are cooperating with Chinese manufacturers to produce their products here in China which makes the price of furniture with the same quality standards much lower than in Europe or America and most countries of the world!

Purchasing furniture in China is easier than you think! Our professional translators will help you get the best offer, make sure the highest quality and take care of the shipping.

Traditional Chinese furniture is famous for its high appreciation value in the antique furniture market. China style furniture is introduced for you in this page.

As we all know that China furniture industry has grown up rapidly. There are more and more Chinese furnitures exported out of the country and Chinese furniture brands have gotten more opportunities to appear abroad, like KUKA, Chic Casa, Red Star Macalline, etc. And obviously, China has a grand demand of importation for international excellent furniture, the market of import furniture, especially furniture from the European, the United States, and Southeast Asian country. And if you want to make furniture business in China, import or export, or to get some informations about China furniture situations, chinese consummertion habits, chinese designers, participating in China furniture fair is a good way for you.





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